Powerlifting & Other Equipment In Our Albuquerque Gym

Texas Strength Systems Combo Racks (2)

Competition Specification Benches

Rogue Monster Monkey Rig

Olympic Lifting Platforms (4)

Calibrated Kilo Plates

Rogue Westside Power Cages (5)

Rogue Deadlift Platforms (5)

Westside Reverse Hyper

Wenning Strength Belt Squat Machine

Texas and Rogue Power Bars

Texas and Rogue Deadlift Bars

Texas Squat Bar

Buffalo Bar

Duffalo Bar

Tsunami Bar

Cambered Bar

Football Bar

Swiss Bar

Trap Bar

Log Bar

Leg Press Machine

Pro-Elite Calf Raise Machine

Pro-Elite Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Machine

Pro-Elite Shoulder Press Machine

Leg Extension Machine

Leg Curl Machine

Dumbbells Up To 140 LBS

T-Bar Row


Resistance Bands

Farmers Carry Handles

Battle Ropes




Strongman Yoke

Atlas stones up to 400 lbs

Stone platforms